Study Italian in Italy

Experience a slice of Italian life

Best Italian Courses in Italy

Study Italian in Rome, Lazio

Learn Italian in Rome

Discover the real Rome. We asked Enrico to tell us more about the programme in Rome with their school. Rome is a great place to practice Italian while having a lot of fun. Go out, attend events, meet the locals: you’ll have time to sleep when you go back home!

Study Italian in Maremma, Tuscany

Learn Italian in Tuscany

We asked Patricia to tell us why the programme in Maremma was crucial for her to learn Italian. The homestay is the best way to immerse in the language and culture. Being part of Italian family life made learning fun and easy.

Study Italian in Sorrento, Campania

Learn Italian in Sorrento

We asked Olga to tell us why the programme in Sorrento was crucial for her to learn Italian. Go out and explore Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, meet the locals (they’re great), learn Italian, speak Italian and live like locals and have new experiences to remember for a lifetime!

Study in Montepulciano, Tuscany


We asked Martina to tell us why the programme in Montepulciano was crucial for her to learn Italian. “Go into the shops, cafes, restaurants and cantina’s and practice speaking Italian. The townspeople are very happy to let you speak ( no matter how slowly) and will encourage and help you.”

Study in Italian in Lecce, Puglia

Learn Italian in Puglia

Discover Puglia with Ivana from Croatia. Her advice for living the Italian life: make friends from Lecce, go out with them, speak Italian as much as you can…parla, parla, parla (…and relax and enjoy!!!)

Study Italian in Agnone, Molise

Learn Italian in Agnone

We asked Helen to tell us why the programme Live & Learn in Agnone was crucial for her to learn Italian. Agnone is the real opportunity to talk to local people, and practice your Italian. No-one is bursting to try out their English on you, but they are so friendly and love to chat – and everyone wants you to enjoy their magical town.

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