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Ciao, my name is Antonio Lucicesare. I am an Italian teacher and teacher trainer with more than 15 years’ experience teaching Italian in London at King’s College and the Italian Cultural Institute. I like to take a communicative approach to my teaching. I focus on designing interactive and enjoyable lessons that help learners of all ages. I am also interested in the use of new technologies and movies in language teaching and learning


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I love the excitement & interest of not working from a tedious grammar book. The variety of your topical subject matter is perfect, as is your variety in approach and the media used. PLUS, and this is unique, you check on the previous week’s learning by not only asking direct questions but also asking for oblique responses – “what did X think?” “What happened?” Welcomingly challenging! You also cope with different knowledge and ambient ability levels by encouraging and supporting. Last year I had a teacher who did the opposite and I felt devalued and anxious. I am not trying to be polite or ingratiating when I say that you are the most stimulating and amusing teacher ever, for me!  Nicky

“I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Antonio. The amount of preparation that Antonio puts into our advanced Italian on- line courses, to tailor it exactly to our needs, is seriously impressive. He is the most engaging and motivating teacher I’ve ever experienced. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Antonio to anyone wishing to learn or improve their linguistic skills- from complete beginners to advanced learners- he’s the best, a rock star of his profession”- Barbara

Studio italiano da qualche anno, e ho trovato che Antonio offre delle classi sul cinema italiano.  Poiché il cinema mi interessa molto, e non ho grande conoscenza dei film italiani moderni, mi sembrava una bella opportunità di seguire i miei due interessi insieme. Il primo corso era così stimolante che ho proseguito le mie lezioni con Antonio in maniera più generale, attraverso un corso avanzato regolare.  Questo corso comprende cinema, libri, musica, attualità: tutti con una dose di grammatica, in un’atmosfera leggera, umoristica, molto simpatica. Margaret, London

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