Autumn in Sorrento is even more enjoyable because it is not overcrowded, like in the summer season, and the new autumn scents give Sorrento Coast a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.
Furthermore, during the month of October in the magic fishing Village of Marina Grande, just a few seconds away from our¬†Institute, the renowned fish festival, one of the most attractive event, known as ‘Sagra del Pesce Azzurro’ (Blue Fish Festival), is organized.All the inhabitants and chefs of this hidden jewel take part to this unique event preparing delicious fish recipes.

During the festival, the main street of the village and the paths that line the Sorrento beach, turn into a gastronomic journey with alternating cloisters, chairs and tables ready to welcome the many visitors. Predominant feature of the festival is the commitment that fishermen, chefs and inhabitants of the village put for the event.

Collaboration and passion are the elements that distinguish this event from all others.? Before dawn, in fact, all the fishermen and volunteers are preparing with their fishing-boats to fishing and at sunrise the women of the nearby restaurants and chefs are preparing to welcome them to recover the fish and transfer it in the kitchen for the preparation of the dishes. In the evening several dishes, all seafood, desserts and local products will be distributed at kiosks previously set up and we will just wait for the sweet sound of the bell.

All proceeds from the Fish Festival in Sorrento can cover and maintenance of the parish church.

by Sant’Anna Institute,Sorrento Italia

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