An interactive lunch break course for intermediate students who want to discover Italy and the Italian way of life. 

A lunchtime course designed for intermediate learners eager to explore Italy and immerse themselves in its cultural nuances. Engage in interactive sessions where you’ll listen to, watch, and engage in discussions on authentic Italian content carefully curated by your teacher. This diverse material includes articles, TV programs, news segments, documentaries, movie excerpts, online videos, and commercials, all aimed at enhancing your Italian comprehension and conversation skills.

When: 19th of April

 Every Friday from 12.30 to 2pm

Duration: 10 weeks

Level: B1+

Price: £ 200

Organized online by: Italian Language services at Italian Cultural Institute

 Info & Booking:

Join my group! No course book required, all the material will be provided by your teacher. Limited availability.

A fun and effective way to learn Italian!

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