Like any self-respecting tradition,  Italians (Apulians) eat pettole during the feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8th of December.

Pettole are a delicious sweet, typical of Apulia that is repeated throughout the Christmas period, with other delicacies.

So, here we are already in the Christmas spirit, could not do anything else but make a cooking class for our students of the Italian language and culture in order to breath this magic atmosphere of waiting and taste!

italiahomestay (3)Here is the recipe, the original, the traditional one:

half kilo of flour 00

half a cube of yeast

half a tablespoon of salt, water, sugar and honey

italiahomestay (4)


After heating the water to a warm temperature, melt the cube of yeast and mix with the other ingredients to form a soft dough.

Let it rest for about two hours.

While you fry the sunflower oil for frying, prepare the balls with a wet spoon and immediately immerse them in the oil. Wait for pettole are browned to store them in a tray and season at will, with sugar or honey.

italiahomestay (2)

Now we have just to taste them, so… buon appetito!


Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo!

da Maria, Italian host tutor in, Villa Castelli, Puglia 

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