Per te is a song by the Italian deejay then singer Jovanotti for his daughter.
Per te is a ninna nanna, a lullaby song, sweet and slow Italian to help you with your practice.

Practice Italian with this song, open the activity on full screen (click on the right side on the corner) and fill the gaps.

Italian music is deeply intertwined with the country’s culture. Italians love singing, and popular songs often find their way into everyday conversations. 

  1. Boost Vocabulary: Songs expose you to new words and phrases. Pay attention to lyrics, and you’ll expand your vocabulary effortlessly.
  2. Perfect Pronunciation: Singing along helps you practice pronunciation. Mimicking native speakers’ intonation and rhythm enhances your spoken Italian.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Italian songs reflect the soul of the country. By learning them, you’re not just memorizing words—you’re living the Italian way

Click here for the full activity

Buon ascolto… Antonio

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