In the last week I read an article in which a politician used the English idiom “a pie in the sky” and I was amazed as I had never heard this expression before. I was surprised not because of the particular expression, but because after living for so many years in London, I am still learning new expressions.

Studia italiano in Italia
This is the beauty of learning a language- it is a never ending experience that can surprise you every day. Learning a language keeps your brain in good shape. We have to think of the process in the same way as we think about going to the gym. We should treat our brain like our body – we need to exercise every day. One mile a day is what NHS recommend for the young generation, you need to walk one mile every day to keep your body fit. Why don’t we adopt a similar routine and commit to learn one new word every day when we learn a language? Let’s learn something new every day.

How? Take notes of new words, use flash cards, look for synonyms, use post-it to name objects in the house, write your shopping list in Italian, use your phone in Italian, use audio books, read news in Italian, immerse yourself every day in the Italian language.
My word of the day is rompicapo, what’s yours?


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