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Italian is spoken throughout the Italian península and the islands of Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily. Besides, it’s spoken in the countries surrounding Italy: Switzerland, Slovenia, France, Austria and Albania. When taking Italian courses London students tell us the reasons why they enjoy learning this language.

It’s Beautiful
Italian is not only a Romance language because it belongs to the language group known as “romance languages” along with French, but also because it is romantic! It may have to do with the overall atmosphere of Italy: its culture, the people, the food…but we cannot deny this language sounds melodic as well when spoken, and when sung. How many beautiful songs do you know in Italian? We’re thinking of some Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli’s “Vivo per lei”(“I live for her”) where he sings to music referring to it as “her”.

Discover the Cradle of Civilization
Rome is the cradle of Western Civilization, mixing the old world charm with a modern nightlife. The beginning of its history can be traced back 2,800 years ago. Its civilization originated between the 8th and 9th century before Christ, when the Latini settled around the Tiber River, creating the city. Today, lots of treasures and places that remained throughout this period can be seen or visited. Among the many attractions of Rome you’ll find the Gardens of the Villa Borghese; the famous Colosseum where gory battles between gladiators, prisoners, wild animals and slaves once took place; the Capitoline Museums (which are the oldest public gallery in the world); the Vatican, where you can join the audience with the Pope; the trevi Fountain, where people traditionally throw a coin and make a wish; the Pantheon; the Opera, etc.

Women Love Italian
If you are a woman you will probably agree with us although it’s not easy to explain why this is so. It may have to do with the fact that Italy loves women back: as a culture, it has been adoring women since forever. The Romans adored the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus. Along with Madonna, Venus represents a female psyche which has always been honored in Italy.

It’s easy
With our tutors, courses are dictated by native Italian qualified teachers, who are not only able to convey their knowledge on the language but also on its culture in such way that learning results natural and easy to you.

Fontana di Trevi, Rome

Fontana di Trevi. Roma

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