If you are exploring the possibility to visit Southern Italy in the Autumn, Sorrento could be the best option.

The days are shorter and nights are surely chillier in Sorrento in this season but it is a great time to spend there anyway! Tourists numbers drop off in the Fall, so the best time to visit it is October and November.

You will be able to enjoy the warm sun and the brittle nights, the crowd….smaller and smaller, the sea of the Sorrentine coast lighted by a gold light of a shorter day, and….. the leaves which turn into brow and yellow starting from the end of September: a wonderful sight to see!

Fall is a season full of surprises in Sorrento and it has a lot to offer you, beside the wonderful natural, beauties of the coast and the tourist attractions of the area to admire in its fall colours.

Weather is perfect to go to visit all the tourist attractions like Pompeii or Herculaneum, or simply remain in the downtown for a nice walk among the alleys full of stores and bars. This is the best time to go to visit the museums and the churches and moreover all the fantastiic natural resources.

by Sant’Anna Institute, Italian language of school in Sorrento

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