A professional chef and an experienced teacher will team up for this special day!

The chef will show you and teach you in Italian how to prepare delicious dishes while the teacher will help with the vocabulary and assist you during the lesson.
You will start with Primi Piatti on the first lesson to continue with Secondi Piatti and Dolci.
These cooking lessons are for everyone, students are taught simple, delicious, back-to-basics home Italian cooking.
An informal, informative and a lots of fun day.
So.. let’s Cuciniamo...and after we enjoy what has been prepared eating all together our Italian Sunday lunch.
All lessons will be conducted in Italian for all levels.
By taking part in this course, the students will expand and deepen their knowledge of Italian language and food culture.

Don’t waste time or you will be starving 🙂
Booking essential, limited places available.

We are extremely disappointed to cancel our event. We are sorry to have to inform you that we have to cancel this event due to a misunderstanding with the venue and their management.

We will organize another event soon and as always we hope to see you all there.



Giuseppe – gamoroso77@gmail.com
Antonio – antonio.lucicesare@gmail.com

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