The lagoon of Venice is the cradle of an ancient civilization, the documentary “Lagunalonga” tells its great beauty, for those who live there and for those who want to discover the magic of this extraordinary ecosystem, in footage shot by historic boats and helicopter, and passionate words of many witnesses, both fishermen and historians, administrators and artisans.

The documentary reveals a possible sustainable use of the lagoon, to discover the genius loci of Venice. Tells about the widespread and almost unknown network of the remains of lagoon heritage: museums of material culture, landscapes, traditional crafts, food and wine, underwater, military industrial and classic archaeology . The nodes of this network are interconnected from the tourist-cultural itinerary Lagunalonga. The documentary describes them and enhances an experience of slow visit, many days and the whole lagoon long.

Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Opening times: 6.30pm

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The Juif Anglais d’Alexandrie is a documentary written and directed by Giuseppe La Rosa and Oliviero Olmi. It explores the hectic career of the artist Daniel Schinasi founder of the Neofuturism. Going through the history of the artistic movement, Schinasi unveils his own life story the reminiscences of Costa Azzurra, Spain, Greece Egypt and Israel and the memories of a lifetime.

Schinasi talks to his friends, his wife, with himself, retracing the steps of his career devoted to the Mediterranean people, to art and music, to the daily life but also to tragic events such as the Inquisition and the Shoah. The viewer gradually discovers the many aspects of Schinasi work through these confessions. The shapes and colours are recalled from his past, above all the exile from his native land, Egypt, that still represents a vivid memory in the artist’s.

Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Opening times: 6.30pm

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