Every time I go to the beach and see a sailing boat, I wish it was me on it!  Sailing, even a small boat for an afternoon, is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  
In life, I think we need to stop saying “I’m not able to do this”, when we haven’t even tried. As we grow up, we can be full of fears. We are worried about what other people say or think about us. We need to overcome our fears, and just give new things a go. There is always time to do new things, there is always time to learn. 

Learning without fear is key

Do you know why children learn faster? Because they have no fear! No fear to fail, no fear to fall off a bike or their skis, no shame in making mistakes when they speak another language.

So be brave, be brave like a child and learn a new skill today!
No-one wants a life full of regrets: take that riding lesson, book your first skiing lesson, sewing lesson, sailing lesson, or even that Italian lesson with me:)

Sei pronto? Cominciamo!

Give it a go! =Provaci!

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