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This is a new adaptation of the play Six Characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello. This new work is adapted and directed by Manuela Ruggiero. The production will be staged at the Rose Theatre, Bankside, from 2nd to 14th April 2013.

A 20 minute preview of this work was presented in early November 2012 at the Bloomsbury Theatre, as part of the annual one-day conference organised by the Society for Pirandello Studies and UCL (University College London). The work was created by the students of the company’s Education Department. In the full production in 2013 the cast will be made of professional actors.

The play emphasises the leitmotiv of Identity and goes deeply into the iridescent theatre of Nobel laureate Luigi Pirandello. The drama is a portrait of family ties watched through a magnifying glass. Whilst a theatre company is rehearsing a play, a Sicilian family appears on stage asking to live their drama. They are Characters, who are cast out from a plot based at the beginning of the twentieth century, abandoned by their own author and condemned to a sort of limbo, to the eternal struggle to confirm their identity

The audience, the actors and the Characters are now brought in a new surreal dimension where reality and fiction blend together. To find out more about the original play, click here

In Ruggiero’s adaptation, the caps represent the characters and are interchanged amongst the actors. In facts the director supports and strengthens Pirandello’s vision that only fictional characters have a defined identity, whilst human beings are, for their own nature, inconsistent.

The Rose, Bankside is London’s most historic theatre, the first Elizabethan Theatre on Bankside and home to many of Shakespeare’s and Marlowe’s first productions. .

To find out more about Pirandello click here

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