Bolognaise is famous everywhere, sometimes with few changes (not always good), but if you want to prepare a perfect Italian bolognaise just follow few steps.


Allora How to prepare at home a perfect Italian ragù alla bolognese

First, if you want to cook like an Italian, you need to learn the recipe in Italian:)

Let’s start with an Italian tutorial/language game:

 Il ragù alla bolognese

1. Match the verbs of the list with the pictures

  1. mescolare
  2. aggiungere
  3. soffriggere
  4. tritare
  5. pelare
  6. sciogliere

in cucina 2

Click here  to check your answers

Gli ingredienti sono:

Carne di suinoCipolleBurroPancetta
SedanoVino rossoCaroteOlio d’oliva
Latte frescoSalePepe macinato frescoBrodo di carne e Pomodori


2. PRACTICE: Click here to learn the recipe with a simple fill the gap exercise

Learn how to cook Italian in Italy

And now watch a video and practice at home,

Buon appetito…

Cook and learn Italian in Italy

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  • Jo
    Posted 05/10/2014 7:28 pm 0Likes

    Non sapevo che la ricetta autentica bisogna il latte!!

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