When I ask my students if they know any Italian songs or singers, they always mention Italian singers that were famous 20/30 years ago.  If they have to describe Italian songs they use adjectives like sentimental, romantic and at the very worst, cheesy!  But Italian music isn’t just about love, broken hearts and tears.

When you learn a language it’s good to have different tools – learning a language using songs is relaxing and fun, and can help you to enjoy the learning activity.  You’ll find that you can memorise the exercise much more quickly than with a written grammar exercise.

Italian songs we 

Allora, let’s try to write the first ILEARNITALIAN playlist: listen, learn and sing!

Your first Italian song: E penso a te, Lucio Battisti

An ironic, bittersweet Italian song presented by a weird and funny video of the Italian singer Max Gazzè, Annina

A summer song: Vento d’estate

Per te is a song by the Italian deejay then singer Jovanotti for his daughter.

Find the opposite verbs and revise “passato prossimo” with a romantic slow song: La prima cosa bella

Do you hate pronouns in grammar? Try to revise them with this song: E tu come stai by Claudio Baglioni.

Friends,  a glass of whisky and life, a classic Italian song (with imperfect tense): Quattro amici al bar.

Great video, good rhythm and a lot of new words to learn, build your vocaboulary with “Coinquilini” Davide Zilli.

A great voice and a simple song that’s easy to follow  for beginners (present tense, present progressive): Sto pensando a te, Vasco Rossi

And finally, a modern romantic song that’s simple to sing: Dove ho visto te by Lorenzo Cherubini

For advanced students: E se domani è un 45 giri della cantante italiana Mina, pubblicato nel 1964.


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