According to a research conducted by the Times, learning a language is a must-do if you want to have an happy life. How to learn fast and easily a language? Commitment is the key when you start learning a language but following some easy steps you can learn easily and fast a language.

Impara l’italiano velocemente

Segui questi semplici 5 consigli

1. Have fun when you learn
Games, crosswords and picture dictionaries can help in your home study, learning a language doesn’t mean long, tiring grammar activities

Click here for crosswords, quiz, games, flash cards and songs to test your Italian

2. Listen, learn and sing: clicca qui

Italian music is more than love, hearts and tears. Click here and listen to the radio or songs and learn new words and improve the vocabulary. Buon ascolto!

3. Watch films and video in Italian: clicca qui


A movie is a full language experience where you can learn the culture, the people and the language. Click here and learn with videos, short movies and test yourself:click here

Watch  Italian TV: TV is the best and most inexpensive teacher to teach you real Italian, you can also learn everyday Italian from soap operas and sitcoms.

4. Travel, meet people and speak: clicca qui

You want to practice the language, go and meet the Italians in Italy or join web groups where you can post and discuss with students or tutors.

Study Italian in Italy

5. Learn Italian in Italy: clicca qui

Where to study Italian: learn Italian where the language is spoken. Click here for tips, reviews and videos to choose your school of Italian

Quiz: come si dice in italiano? Gioca & impara

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